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Update time : 2022-04-14 16:48:06
As Hanrun Paper's food packaging paper brand, Nature paper has always adhered to green environmental protection and sustainable development and is committed to building an environment-friendly and resource-saving enterprise. It has made positive contributions to promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and improving environmental quality. With the increasing global environmental protection voice, paper products are more and more widely used in printing, catering, clothing, packaging, decoration, transportation, and other industries. The flexible use, recyclability, and degradability of special paper have played a role in the green transformation of industrial production. On this occasion, in January 2022,  the new product of our new brand - food wrapping paper was launched.

Nature paper's food wrapping paper is a high-quality, eco-friendly food grade paper free from any harmful chemicals or metals(like aluminum, plastic, etc.), made of 100% organic wood pulp. It is recyclable and pollution-free.
It is perfect for wrapping food like roasts, burgers, sandwiches, biscuit sheets, cake pans, bread, chips, and such items, and ensuring your food remains fresh and healthy for longer. It's also a good tool for placing your food, isolating oil stains, and ensuring food hygiene. The greaseproof paper holds the oil inside and does not allow it to seep in, maintaining the appearance of the food presentation while maintaining the flavor, and, most importantly, making it greaseproof. It will help keep your ingredients preserved and protected to deliver a safe food package and fresh product to your customers.

Similarly, we also have baking paper, which can be used in the oven when baking. It has a high oil resistance level and can be used at high temperatures, which can solve the trouble of needing to clean the oven frequently.

We focus on quality and efficiency to ensure the safest and most reliable food wrapping paper for your restaurant or sandwich shop. We can also accept customized sizes and logos, hurry up and design the best logo, let Nature Paper help you get started today!

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