Safer Food Consumption: Nature Paper Food Wrapping Paper

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Update time : 2022-04-14 18:12:01

With the rapid development of the economy, keywords such as environmental protection, resource regeneration, and sustainability have become the focus of today's society, and all walks of life have begun to transform into a circular economy. After many countries successively promulgated the ban on plastic, replacing plastic with paper has gradually become the development trend of food packaging and take-out catering packaging. In the field of specialty paper, food packaging paper has the characteristics of high growth and large space. Paper-based materials have the characteristics of abundant raw material resources, low cost, easy recycling and degradation of products, and no pollution, and are the most suitable cost-effective alternative materials.

The newly launched food wrapping paper from Nature Paper is a high-quality environmentally friendly food-grade paper, without any harmful chemicals or metals (such as aluminum, plastic, etc.), made of 100% organic wood pulp, and recyclable Use, no pollution.


Pass health and safety standards

Nature Paper food wrapping paper has passed the food packaging hygiene standards certified by the FDAEC, FSC and SGS.



Good waterproof and oil-proof performance

For wrapping fried toast slices, ham and bacon, the oil resistance of the wrapping paper is one of the key indicators to consider. If the wrapping paper is not oil-proof, oil stains can easily seep out and stain your hands or the box. In addition, freshly baked sandwiches or cakes have been left for a long time, and moisture often appears. If the waterproofness is not up to standard, it may soak the paper and affect the taste of the food.

Nature Paper food wrapping paper passed the performance test of oil and water resistance. It can well block water and oil and can meet the packaging needs of food such as sandwiches, cakes, and fried chicken.



We provide:
Greaseproof Paper can be used in the packaging of hamburgers, sandwiches, french fries and other foods, which can ensure the freshness of the food and avoid being polluted by the external environment.
Baking Paper can be used for baking cakes or cookies, cooking or grilling to keep your bakes from sticking to oven trays and cake tins without the need for buttering or oiling.
Butter Paper is suitable for packaging degradable food such as butter and cheese, which is food safe and easy to degrade.
Freezer Paper is used in a variety of refrigerated and frozen food applications, including bacon, meat and dairy. Suitable for protecting the quality, flavor and nutrition of food during freezing.


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