Why choose Nature Paper as your supplier?

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Why choose Nature paper as your food wrapping paper supplier?
Nature paper food wrapping paper helps your fast food service business and keeps your food safe.



Healthy and safe products


> 100% virgin wood pulp;
Anti-grease, waterproof, breathable;
> No penetration phenomenon when encountering oil or water;
> Environmentally friendly, recyclable and pollution-free.


Nature paper food wrapping paper is a sustainable solution that offers a wide range of end-use options, ensuring food integrity from preparation to consumption. It can be used as sandwich wrapping paper, baking wrapping paper, burger and veggie packaging paper, BBQ meat and chips wrappers. This product is suitable for food packaging, display food creations, basket greaseproof paper tray liners and disposable paper placement pads for the food catering and hospitality industries. We use biodegradable food tissue paper and eco-friendly printing processes to keep your food safe.





Professional and prompt service


> Custom logo printed;
> Custom size;
> Fast delivery;
> Professional service.


We can customize food wrapping paper with your company logo. Print your company logo with vegetable inks to promote your business. High-resolution paper printers create your personalized food wrapping paper in the highest quality to boost your corporate business marketing. This is a great way to boost your brand. Furthermore, in addition to regular roll and sheet sizes, we can also provide wrapping paper size customization service according to your product needs. Make your fast food service easier and faster.
Hanrun paper® has established a professional production quality inspection, marketing, logistics and transportation team, with strong professional knowledge, to provide customers with a good service experience. Hanrun paper® is not only a supplier but also your partner.




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