Butter wrapping paper roll size

- Excellent grease/water resistance ability
- Degradable, food safety, nonadditives
- Suit for butter, margarine and cheese
- FSC/SGS certification; US FDA/EU standards
Roll Size Highly Grease-proof Butter Wrapping Paper

Product Description

Nature paper's Butter Paper is a special wrapping paper with excellent grease resistance levels and high wet-resistant to keep butter and margarine or cheese packaging intact. Our butter paper is also environmentally friendly, food-grade paper free of harmful chemicals or metals (such as aluminum, plastic, etc.), made from 100% organic wood pulp. It is stain-free packaging while preserving product freshness, to be at their best until final use.

The butter paper has no additives, high waterproof strength, and higher oil resistance than the general greaseproof paper. It is Suit for packaging butter, cheese etc, and degradable, food safety, easily degradable.

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100 virgin wood pulp;
Excellent grease resistance ability;
High wet strength;
Degradable, food safety, non additives;
Suitable for printing;
Natural, sustainable and complying with local food contact;
Meets SGS/FSC certification; Compliance with local food contact regulations (US FDA / Europe EU standards)



Butter Wrapping Paper Highly Grease-proof Butter Wrapping Paper

Raw material 100% original wood pulp

Standard gram weight(GSM) 35-60g

Colour  White/Brown

Customizable Yes, 4-color-printing available

Delivery size 300mm*10m

Sample According to customer needs

Other finishes and options Contact us

Applications and Industries

• Higher oil resistance level, suitable for packaging of butter, margarine, cheese, etc.
• Degradable, food safety, easily degradable.
• Suit for butter and cheese manufacturing plant


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Sofía Chávez
Dec 17, 2022
Desearía saber el precio del rollo del papel mantequilla antigrasa, si entregan certificad de calidad y el costo de envío a Arequipa. Gracias
Dec 07, 2022
Saludos cordiales, me brida información, precio, condiiciones comerciales del papel mantequilla antigrasa, tamaño 400mm x 10m
Apr 18, 2022
I want 10 meter butter roll paper :)
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