Greaseproof paper sheet size

- 100% virgin wood pulp
- Anti-grease, waterproof, breathable
- Degradable, food safety, easy to clean
- Customizable
Greaseproof paper sheet size

Product description

Nature Paper's Greaseproof Paper is a high-quality, eco-friendly, food-grade parchment paper, free of harmful chemicals or metals (such as aluminum, plastic, etc.), made from 100% organic, recyclable wood pulp and non-polluting. .

Greaseproof paper holds oil inside and doesn't allow it to seep through, maintaining the appearance of food presentation while maintaining flavor and most importantly, making it greaseproof. It will help keep your ingredients preserved and protected to deliver a safe food package and fresh product to your customers. It has a particular barrier function that makes it ideal for high demand applications or oil resistance.

Nature paper also strives to provide our customers with high quality products with every order. We can handle requests of any size for your bulk restaurant supply order. We can also accept custom patterns and custom logos, hurry up and design the best logo, let Nature Paper help you get started today!



Ecological Material: 100% virgin wood pulp, material suitable for food use
Natural protection against grease, light, air and humidity
Can be used in the freezer
Degradable, food safety, easy to clean
Custom size available for different occasions
Meets FSC/SGS certification; Compliance with local food contact regulations (US FDA / Europe EU standards)
Machinability, can be manufactured and customized to increase productivity and brand impact


Greaseproof food wrapping paper Greaseproof food wrapping sheet size

Raw material 100% original wood pulp

Standard gram weight(GSM) 18~60g

Colour  White/Brown

Customizable Yes, available with 4 color printing

Size A4/210 x 297 mm/8.3 x 11.7 inches*

Dimensiones 500 sheets/pack

Sample According to customer needs

Other custom requirements Contact us
*Other sizes are available. Please get in touch with us for more details.


Applications and Industries

• Fast food industry: hamburger wrappers, sandwich wrapping paper, pizza, chips, etc.
• Packaging for cookies, cakes, chocolate, pizza, rice, etc.
• Food stalls



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Oct 12, 2022
can you costumize 3ft × 6ft?
May 14, 2022
I want purchase burger wrapper for my restaurant
May 14, 2022
I want purchase burger wrapper for my restaurant
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