Uncoated Butcher Paper For Smoking Meat BBQ

- 100% virgin wood pulp, uncoated, unwaxed
- Enhanced wet strength and breathability
- Durable and strong for storing
- Superior blood, oil, and humidity holdout
Uncoated Butcher Paper For Smoking Meat

Product Description

Nature paper butcher paper offers a range of grease resistance levels and wet strength. It is used in various refrigerated and frozen food applications, including bacon, meat, and dairy interleave, and is ultra durable and strong; does a superior job trapping smoke while releasing steam.

It is a traditional texas style barbecue smoking paper for wrapping and smoking meat; it lets the meat breathe and reach optimum temperature faster; achieve the distinct smoky flavor and tasty crunchy bark. This uncoated and Unwaxed butcher paper won't leave anything unwanted behind on your food, is perfect for serving, storing, cooking and smoking your choice of meat, or BBQ.

This paper is made of 100% virgin wood pulp without any additives, which is certified OK United State FDA 21 CFR 176.170(d), Europe EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and its amendments.
Thanks to the unique production process, there are no fibers on our wrapping paper or your food products.



100% virgin wood pulp
Enhanced wet strength and breathability, superior blood, oil, and humidity holdout
Unwaxed, no coating, but durable and resistant
Perfect for food serving and storing
 Meets SGS/FSC certification; Compliance with local food contact regulations (US FDA / Europe EU standards)



Raw material 100% original wood pulp

Colour  White/Natural color

Weight 40-80g

Customizable Yes

Delivery size Customizable size

Packing According to size

Sample According to customer needs

Other finishes and options Contact us

Applications and Industries

• Smoking meat storing.
• Frozen food home storing: protects food stored in the freezer for up to 1 year
• Cold chain delivery: for protection of items during shipping


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