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Wax paper roll size

- 100% virgin wood pulp, food-grade double wax coated
- Excellent feature on waterproof, greaseproof and moisture resistance
- Degradable, food safety, easy to clean
- Custom color printing logo printing available
Nature Paper™ Natural Non-Stick Wax Paper Roll

Product description

Nature Paper's wax paper is made from natural wood pulp and is coated with food grade wax on both sides, it is non-toxic and BPA free. The layers of wax and wood pulp are perfectly integrated, thick and durable, making it non-stick (so food doesn't stick), grease resistant and waterproof.
Wax paper, or parchment paper, provides an ideal protective surface to minimize messes and will not cause food to stick to the wax paper, while preventing juices and fats from seeping in, keeping food fresh, tender and soft. . The paper can be quickly folded and packaged, and difficult to tear.

Nature Paper wax paper is a way to wrap food and save precious time on cleanup; You should throw away the sheets of waxed food paper when you're done and get rid of the mess. It can be used to wrap sandwiches, candies, cookies, decorate cakes and chocolate, wrap meat or pies, or create works of art. Also a wide variety of baked and fried foods such as chicken wings and fries.

We offer waxed papers of different grams and different sizes for general use, from 18 g/m² to 45 g/m². Custom color wax paper printing is available.



Ecological Material: 100% virgin wood pulp, double layer of food grade wax
Excellent characteristic of resistance to water, grease and humidity
Degradable, food safe, easy to clean
Widely used in daily life
Custom size available for different occasions
Customized color printing logo printing available
Meets SGS/FSC certification; Compliance with local food contact regulations (US FDA / Europe EU standards)



Name Wax paper roll

Raw material 100% original wood pulp

Coating Food grade wax coating

Standard gram weight(GSM) 18~45g

Color  White / Brown

Customizable Yes, 6 color print available

Size 30cmx10m I 38cmx10m | 38cmx20m | 38cmx25m*

Sample According to customer needs

Other size and demands Contact us
*Other sizes are available, please contact us for details.


Applications and Industries

• Fast food industry: hamburger wrappers, sandwich wrapping paper, pizza, chips, etc.
• Packaging for biscuits, cookies, candies, cakes, chocolate, pizza, rice, etc.
• Packaging and restoration of fresh food: packaging of fruits, meat, internal hamburgers.
• Decoration: logo, pattern printing available, can be used for gift or other package.



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