Applications and Properties of Bakery Paper

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Update time : 2022-08-19 15:00:12
Bakery paper (baking parchment) is a cellulose-based non-stick paper specifically designed for baking. It is coated with a release agent, usually food-grade silicone oil, to withstand the high temperatures encountered during baking.

Applications of Bakery Paper
1. Grill and oven mat paper
Baking paper is used to isolate the baking tray from the food when grilling. It can maintain the taste of the food and also provide a good oil absorption effect and is easy to clean.
2. Steamer paper
Not only does it have a good anti-stick effect, but it can also be reused 7-8 times.
3. Food packaging
As bakery paper has good oil resistance, water resistance, and easy peelability, it can be widely used for the packaging of greasy food. In particular, baking paper not only has good high-temperature resistance but also has excellent low-temperature resistance, which can be applied to the distribution of frozen food to prevent food from freezing into clumps. In addition, baking paper can also be used in microwave ovens as packaging for microwave food products.

Properties of Bakery Paper
1. Peelability
Generally speaking, substances with low surface tension have certain peeling properties, and the best peeling agents are organic fluorine compounds.
2. Baking paper base paper and requirements
The base material for the production of baking paper is mainly three types of special paper, namely parchment paper, translucent paper, and high tightness and high smoothness super-pressure sulfate pulp paper.
Quality requirements include
① High physical strength, and the ability to withstand high temperatures for drying.
② Good dimensional stability to prevent problems such as shrinkage and deformation during post-processing.
③ Uniform and consistent thickness.
④ High smoothness to ensure continuity, flatness, and uniformity of the coating.
⑤ Small surface absorption, reducing stripper consumption.
⑥ Good chemical compatibility, avoiding the interference of certain chemicals with the peeling agent.
3. Oil resistance
Baking paper in the process of using with oily substances for a long time, so baking paper prevents grease from food contact surface penetration to the contact surface with the hand, that is, with oil resistance.
4. Temperature resistance
Baking cakes, biscuits, and other temperature restrictions, generally need to be able to bake paper at 220 ° C high-temperature 20min. organosilicon stripper main chain for the inorganic Si-O bond, its bond energy is much greater than the organic C-C bond energy and C-O bond energy, has good high-temperature resistance, so the paper coated with a stripper will play a certain role in improving the temperature resistance of the paper.
5. Forming degree
The forming degree of baking paper is mainly to meet the requirements of the use of cake cups. The average forming degree of bleached broadleaf pulp paper is lower than that of bleached coniferous pulp paper, and the addition of filling and super calendering can reduce the forming degree of the paper. By increasing the pulping degree and surface impregnation, the paper forming degree tends to rise. And paper moisture is the best forming agent, research has found that increased calendering before the paper moisture, so that after calendering paper residual moisture more, the paper's forming degree is better.
6. Food safety
As baking paper not only to direct contact with the physical, and need to be baked at high temperatures, consumers are particularly concerned about food safety of baking paper. Now the main internationally recognized tests are the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification and the German Federal Institute for Risk Research (BFR) certification, they have made specific provisions for food contact with paper and paperboard section.

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