What are the advantages of food-grade paper?

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Update time : 2022-10-09 17:33:33
Food-grade paper is probably the kind of paper we are most familiar with in our daily lives. From the breakfast we buy at sidewalk stands to the burgers sold in fast food restaurants, food-grade paper is everywhere. In addition to these two cases, food-grade paper is also widely used as food packaging, as the name implies. But did you know that not all paper is suitable for food use? Below we will describe the characteristics that food-grade paper has.

The first is safety. Food-grade paper often comes into direct contact with food and must meet certain food safety standards. It is mainly made from pulp and cardboard. It is absolutely forbidden to use any materials that are harmful to humans, such as plasticizers, in the production process. This is why the food-grade paper is safer and healthier than plastic packaging.

In terms of environmental protection, the paper is biodegradable and can be used as fertilizer because the raw materials used to make this paper are renewable and recyclable. And it does not release toxic substances after degradation.   

The third advantage is stable performance. The food-grade paper has excellent properties such as moisture resistance, oil resistance, low-temperature resistance, frost resistance and freshness, and is suitable for vacuum and aseptic packaging.

In addition to these advantages mentioned above, the cost of food-grade papers is low. Not only because most of them are naturally grown and in abundant supply. Compared to glass and plastic packaging, paper costs 10% to 20% less for the same functionality.

Another point is that its excellent printing results can meet the needs of most packaging printers. In terms of appearance, packaging made of food-grade paper is three-dimensional and high-grade. This increases the added value of the product.

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