What characteristics should kraft paper for food packaging have?

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Kraft paper is a kind of paper made of wood pulp or mixed pulp, its application areas are very wide, including food, machinery, electronics, logistics, etc., common in life, such as fast food boxes, courier boxes, paper shopping bags, French fries bags and so on.

Kraft paper is most widely used in food packaging, usually using pure wood pulp as raw material, with no added fluorescent agent, moisture and waterproof performance. There is some greaseproof paper in kraft paper lamination treatment, so that it is adapted to food packaging requirements, and can play the role of oil-proof.

Kraft paper has good moisture-proof waterproof performance, is ideal for storing a variety of food items that need to be preserved in a dry environment, such as tea, herbs, etc., and can effectively isolate the external moisture of the items to avoid moisture and mold damage. There are also some frozen food packaging, the outer packaging paper has stronger requirements, the general paper in the frozen low-temperature environment will deformation, very affect the beauty of the packaging. Kraft paper has anti-freezing properties, and can be in a low-temperature environment, to maintain the stiffness of the packaging, and will not happen too much deformation of the appearance.

If the food packaging also requires kraft paper has a certain toughness, you can use long fiber content of high kraft paper, this kind of kraft paper has good toughness, high strength, good expansion, and contraction, even if a load of heavier items will not be damaged by shedding. Different areas of use of kraft paper required physical properties are different, when choosing kraft paper, combining their own product needs to match the applicable kraft paper, so to maximize cost savings.

The color of the original kraft paper is ideal for matching the classical decoration of the restaurant shop, the two each other can convey a warm, nostalgic feeling to consumers, giving a warm atmosphere
and highlighting the brand atmosphere.

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