Features of Meat Wrapping Paper

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Update time : 2022-08-02 17:43:08
Meat wrapping paper, usually made from butcher paper, also known as kraft paper or food grade kraft paper, is a rough, strong paper that is ideal for wrapping meat and fish. It is widely used by fishmongers, butchers and even craftsmen for cold cut storage and meat wrapping.

Freezer paper can also be used as meat wrapping paper. It has a special coating on one side which provides extra strength when wet. It is commonly used for wrapping frozen meat.

The meat wrapping paper has the following features:

1. Safety
Butcher paper is made from pure vegetable fibers and no harmful substances are added during the production process, making it safer and more hygienic compared to plastic packaging.

2. Environmental protection
As a biodegradable food packaging material, kraft paper can be used as fertilizer after degradation and will not release harmful gases that can harm the environment.

3. Stable performance
It is moisture-proof, oil-proof, and resistant to low-temperature freezing and freshness.

4. Affordable
Compared to glass, plastic and other packaging, the cost of food packaging kraft paper is 10 to 20 percentage points less under the same barrier effect.

5. Good printing performance
It can meet the requirements of most packaging and printing manufacturers, with low printing costs, excellent results, and a variety of varieties.

6. Good mechanical properties
It has a certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability, foldability and flexible application. Easy to process into packaging containers with various properties. Suitable for both mechanized processing and automated production, but also by hand to create a beautifully shaped packaging, while facilitating composite processing. Before packaging can be folded up for storage and transportation, both to save space and reduce costs.

7. Aesthetics
Food-grade wrapping paper is easier to print on than plastic, and has a three-dimensional feel to its contents, making it more premium and adding value to your products.

Nature Paper has obtained SGS, FSC environmental certification, and the food wrapping paper's USA FDA certification and EU food certification, ensuring to provide customers with the safest, environmentally friendly, green, sustainable, and pollution-free food packaging paper.

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