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Update time : 2022-04-19 18:11:09

As consumers become more engaged in the conversation surrounding plastic and the increasingly serious litter problems, especially in areas like Asia, the UK, and elsewhere, we must understand the entire life cycle of all packaging including plastics, paper, cardboard, etc.


According to The Future of Flexible Packaging to 2024 report, there is mounting public pressure on brand owners and retailers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. Brand owners are responding to these concerns with a mission of not only reducing the amount of food waste but more importantly, accelerating the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient circular economy. So far, the consumption of disposable plastic products has been significantly reduced, and "replacing plastic with paper" will become an inevitable trend in the field of food packaging and takeaway catering packaging.



Nature paper always adhered to the sustainable development strategy and strived to practice green cycles with the concept of sustainable papermaking. Hanrun paper® food wrapping paper is a high-quality, environmentally friendly food-grade paper that does not contain any harmful chemicals or metals (such as aluminum, plastic, etc.), and is made of 100% organic wood pulp, which is recyclable and pollution-free. We have passed the food packaging hygiene standards certified by the FDA, EC, FSC, and SGS.


Greaseproof paper

The greaseproof paper holds the oil inside and does not allow it to seep out, maintaining the appearance of the food presentation while maintaining the flavor, and most importantly, making it greaseproof. It will help keep your ingredients preserved and protected to deliver a safe food package and fresh product to your customers.

Butter wrapping paper

Butter Paper is a special wrapping paper with excellent grease resistance levels and high wet-resistant to keep butter and margarine or cheese packaging intact. It has no additives, high waterproof strength, and higher oil resistance than the general greaseproof paper. It is Suit for packaging butter, cheese, etc, and degradable, food safety, easily degradable.

Freezer paper

Freezer paper offers a range of grease resistance levels and wet strength. It is used in various refrigerated and frozen food applications, including bacon, meat, and dairy interleave. It is suitable to protect the quality, flavor, and nutrition of foods during freezing. The other side is a durable paper which can be written on. This means it’s easy to write on the contents and pack the date before freezing foods.


Nature paper also makes effort to provide our customers high-quality products on each order. We can manage any size request for your bulk restaurant supply order. We can also accept customized patterns & logos, hurry up and design the best logo, let Nature paper help you get started today!

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